Together we can make real change

Let’s co-create an inclusive day that will have lasting impact for your team.

Our bespoke, in-person team away days will give you and your team a brave and honest space to learn from each other, develop new ideas, and build confidence as leaders. All away days are co-created with you so you get exactly what you need from the day.

For groups of any size, we create space for teams to:

  • reconnect and understand each other
  • work better together
  • reflect on the journey so far
  • celebrate success
  • innovate
  • share problems & find solutions
  • plan for the future
  • be creative & have some fun!

“Perfect timing, great reflective content, pitched at the right level and right balance of interaction.”

“Kate & Maria were personable, engaging, uplifting, passionate, inclusive making every effort to encourage us and support us.”

“Kate was calm, encouraging and supportive. She created a safe space for us to reflect and share our honest opinions. She was knowledgeable and approachable. The day was well paced, considered and thoughtful and very engaging. Kate creates an environment which is reflective, open and engaging.”

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