One to One Coaching
One to One Coaching

Reflect on challenges and move forward

Invest in yourself and take the time to create positive change

Do you or your team need a bit of time out to reflect after a challenging year? Or are you or your team feeling stressed and uncertain about the future?

We will create a brave and powerful space for you to take the time you need to reflect and strike a new balance. You will build your resilience, navigate new challenges and create a new mindset to build your confidence and raise your profile and influence.

Coaching Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and delivered online at a time that suits you. Kate and Maria are both accredited coaches with the International Coaching Federation.

'Kate is a wonderful coach, I am so glad we went on this journey together. She is a great listener and adapted herself to everything I brought to the sessions'.


"Coaching gave me a space to be reflective on not just the current ways of working, but future ways. I found this immensely useful, it felt a very safe space."

" The coaching sessions with Kate have enabled me to be open to challenge, to reflection and to subsequent change and development in my leadership approach."

"Maria is an excellent coach and helped me to reconsider things that were bothering me and spot opportunities for development and growth in difficult situations.”

“It really helped me to build my confidence, not only in presentation and public speaking, but in trusting myself to know that I can be the authority on something and that people aren't judging me. "

"It helped me to recognise my skills and abilities for what they are, and gave me the push to seek feedback that I have found very valuable in my daily practice. It motivated and inspired me to think ahead to what I want to achieve."

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