Developing your team using Team Canvas

Do you ever wish your team worked better together and there was more clarity about what you were all doing? And do you feel so up against it that spending the time to work out how to work better together feels like a luxury? We hear you, we’ve been there and can help.

Animo recently facilitated an online workshop with a new team who are working remotely in the third sector. They wanted us to help them develop a stronger framework for working together. In just two hours, using Team Canvas, they felt more connected, more confident about what they needed to do collectively and knew how to support one another to achieve their team and personal goals.

Team Canvas was designed by Alex Ivanov in 2015 and is completely free to use! It’s a template that you can complete to support your team to be more aligned in their purpose and goals and have a greater sense of their strengths, development areas so they can support each other to achieve their collective vision.

We facilitated the session using Zoom and Miro which worked really well together. We worked through the template below whilst facilitating the conversation using these questions,

People and Roles – who are we , what are our roles and how are we collectively known?
Common Goals – what are the measurable and specific goals we’d like to collectively achieve in the next 12 months?
Purpose – what is our WHY?
Values – what is fundamental to the way we work together?
Personal goals – what do we individually want to achieve?
Strengths and Assets – what are our strengths, individually and as a team? (Give each other feedback!)
Weak spots and Development Areas – what are our areas of development and what skills are we missing that we might need to achieve our purpose and common goals?
Needs and Expectations – what do we each need from this team in order to feel happy and motivated?
Rules and Activities – what will we agree to in order to create a structure that will enable us to achieve our goal?

For more information check out If you’d like to speak to Animo Leadership about facilitating a Team Canvas session with your team then we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or give us a call on 020 8087 2905.

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