How to create a vision board

Creating a vision board can be a really valuable activity in focusing your mind on the things that are important to you. Once completed they are a valuable tool for reflection and a clear visual reminder of your intent. Creating one is a creative and mindful activity and a powerful tool for capturing your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Before you start you will need: 

Old magazines or newspapers, large piece of paper or card, scissors and glue stick.

Step 1 | Prepare: Watch this video for a little inspiration. Think about what you want to focus on for your vision board. Is this vision board about your health, your home, your future adventures, your work or do you want to include multiple elements?

Step 2 | Select: Pick up the magazines and cut or rip out any words or images that resonate with you. Be instinctive. 

Step 3 | Create: Stick the words/images onto your paper. Try not to leave too many gaps. 

Step 4 | Review: What does this vision board tell you about what is important for your future? How does it make you feel looking at it? You may wish to share your vision board with someone and ask them what it tells them about you. 

Step 5 | Action: Thinking about the themes you have identified on your vision board what actions might you take to more closely align with this vision? What small steps might you take to live a life that represents this vision?

If you’d like to speak to a coach about making your vision board a reality then get in touch and book a free discovery call. 

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