Equity,Diversity and Inclusion

Feb 2022

Animo Leadership acknowledges the systemic inequities that impact individuals and businesses with
whom we work. We want to support behaviours and practices that give everyone the opportunities
and resources to thrive.

As a leadership consultancy for the third and public sectors we want to develop services and work in
partnership with under-represented groups and support equitable outcomes to our clients and
business partners.

Here are our commitments to ensuring we are an inclusive organisation,

1. We will work with associate facilitators and partners who can bring different lived experiences
to inform our service development. As our company grows so too must its diversity. As
co-founders Maria and Kate are both white, hetrosexual, able bodied and privileged. We
recognise these similarities narrow our vision and thinking and we need to nurture our
appreciation of difference.

2. We promise that the resources we reference in our workshops and leadership programmes will
be from a diverse range of authors. There are a disproportionate number of white, male
leadership authors and speakers who are referenced. We will also shape our programme
content using a diverse range of contributors. We will continue to use our leadership library
and our social media platforms to promote diverse thought leadership.

3. We will support our clients to lead inclusively and make the brave decision to do things
differently. We will continue to develop our inclusive leadership modules in partnership with
EDI experts to ensure that our offer supports individuals and businesses at all stages of their
inclusion journey. When an organisation recognises it wants to change its culture we will
provide support for them to do this.

4. We are committed to exploring and challenging our own power and privilege. As part of our
continuous learning we will seek out training that supports us to do this so that our confidence
to challenge our communities’ unconscious bias, micro-aggressions or policies and practices

How will we measure and share our progress?

  • You will see more diversity in the associates and partners with whom we work
  • You will see more diversity in the resources we use
  • You will see a wider offer from Animo on Inclusive Leadership