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Amy Barbor (she/her)
Anti-Oppression Consultant, Educator & Facilitator
Values: Integrity Compassion Allyship

Amy has a successful background in business development and learning design with 10 years experience of running her own company and 9 years as a senior learning manager. Amy’s work focuses on anti-oppression; developing learning to be inclusive to change the way decisions are made by and for those they affect. She is passionate about designing learning programmes for social change leaders. We’re delighted to bring Amy on board!

Mel Larsen (she/her)
Business Coach & Marketing Consultant
Values: Community Kindness Creativity

Mel has over 33 years of helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to get unprecedented and measurable results in clients, income and personal happiness. She also supports clients to understand, attract and keep audiences. She designs and facilitates a range of marketing programmes blended with coaching which give her clients incredible results. Mel has a strong track record in the culture, arts and heritage sectors, working with The Arts Council, National Trust, The Arts Marketing Association, The Australian Arts Council and more!

Augustina Tetsola (she/her)
Relationship Coach
Values: Inclusivity Authenticity Compassion

Augustina has over 22 years experience as a senior prosecuting barrister. More recently she uses her legal expertise and coaching skills to support couples to navigate the often traumatic experience of divorce. An experienced life coach, Augustina has set up her own coaching academy to train others in her coaching techniques Augustina is a deeply
compassionate person who sees advocacy and coaching as effective ways of supporting people to access social Justice and be the best version of themselves whilst retaining their vulnerability and authenticity.

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