Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

Confident leaders create change for themselves, their teams and the world around them.

Here’s the mission

To deliver life changing leadership experiences through transformational coaching, workshops and programmes. We create brave spaces for you to step into your power and potential.

We are accessible and inclusive

We are equitable – We recognise that the leaders we work with will need different types, and varying levels of support to get to the same place.

We are trusted – We create confidential and compassionate spaces for learning so you can challenge yourselves and each other, without judgement.

We are socially responsible

We are values-led – We will help you to reconnect to your values and support you to live and lead by them.

We are brave – We will encourage you to make brave decisions for yourselves and your organisations, even when this is difficult.

What you will gain

What you will gain
What you will gain
Animo team Maria and Kate

Who we are: the Animo team

Kate and Maria first joined forces in 2018 after becoming accredited coaches with the International Coaching Federation. They have delivered a wide range of tailored workshops, leadership development and one-to-one coaching in partnership with organisations including Brook, Royal College of General Practitioners, the Globe, Women into Construction and Wellcome.

Prior to meeting they worked with a wide variety of organisations, building teams and programmes and developing an impressive portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience.

Animo Leadership brings their purpose and passion alive as skilled facilitators and accredited coaches who understand the third sector and want to support you and your teams to develop the leadership skills that will enable you to thrive.

Some of the organisations we have been lucky enough to work with, and for.

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